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Download Asphalt 8

Asphalt Series is one of the most amazing racing games now a days. If a list of most amazing racing games is shuffle then Download Asphalt 8 series becomes first in the list. These are the games which make the racing game as a racing world.

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Download Asphalt 8

If players love to play game of the game loft than download Asphalt 8 is best once. If you want to play racing games apk in your life then play the Asphalt 8 game at least once in your life.

Some of the awards of this game prove that its awesomeness which includes Winner of 2015 MWC Best Mobile Game App, Winner of 2014 Pocket Gamer Best Sports/Racing Game Award, 5 out of 5 scores by Touch Arcade, 5 out of 5 scores by AppSpy, 5 out of 5 scores by Slide to Play, 100 out of 100 scores by Game Reactor and 5 out of 5 scores by MacLife.

free Download Asphalt 8

You have to race against the gravity and you can do it. Beet the gravity and don’t let it to be heavy on you. Each day, millions of players are playing the games online. If we say that it is most addictive game than it is not wrong.

This game is built for the racing game addict.  It is one of the best Arcade game ever.  A whole new world of racing games world is waiting for you. This game is ready to test your skills of gaming. Just push the accelerator and be the king of the racing world

Features of Asphalt 8Airborne APK

The game requires almost 1.8 GB of free storage.

  • I love how when I am in the lead and a computer car knocks me out I get sent to the back of the pack, but when I knock out a computer car it respawns right next to me.
  • It truly appreciate it when I go through a drift gate I only get the gate credit about 50% of the time.
  • We really love how I can be in the lead, no other cars even on the radar, but then in the last few turns all of the computer cars manage to catch up and pass me in about 10 seconds. Very similar to playing Need for Speed Most Wanted, love that rubber band logic
  • I really get a kick out of how I can slam into a computer car while on full nitro and they don’t notice, but they can gently tap me and I get knocked out.
  • I also enjoy how if I hit an NPC car I get either knock out or slowest way down to almost 0, but when a computer car hits an NPC car they just bang the NPC To the side and keep going like nothing happens.
  • Of course I can’t forget one of my favourites, how I can be in the lead on the last turn and a computer car comes out of nowhere and turns me sideways against the edge of the course and holds me there until all the other cars pass me.
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Free Download Latest Version of  Racing Games Apk and  also download latest update apk for free.

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