Download Highway Rider Extreme

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Download Highway Rider Extreme

Highway Rider Extreme apk is a fast paced racing game. Put on a helmet and ride your motorbike in this game. Collect coins, dodge traffic and overtake other vehicles closely to earn bonus time. You want to download highway rider extreme then click the button below

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How to play Highway Rider Extreme?

Your main goal is very simple you just reach the destination at a given time limit. Along the way, you would collect as many coins as possible. By collecting coins you would able to buy some new bikes available in the shop.  It is a real old-school arcade racer fun game. It has heavy traffic with lots of tracks and different motorbikes.

You may also increase your time by crossing the cars as close as you can. It increases your time or ride as well as increase your coins. You will receive a 0.25-second bonus for each car you overtake. If you hit any car or truck then your bike would b crash as you face a real time accident in your life.

Download Highway Rider Extreme

If you earn the number of coins then it’s awesome, you would able to go to the garage and upgrade your bike. Buy a new engine, better tiers or stiffer suspension and would enjoy the safer ride as well.

It increases your interest in Highway Rider Extreme. Jump on the bike and start a joyful ride. Put on your leather jacket, turn on some good music and hit the country streets in Highway Rider Extreme.

Features of Highway Rider Extreme

Some of the features of Highway Rider Extreme are given below:

  • A full map with lots of levels in Highway Rider Extreme
  • Various bikes and tracks in Highway Rider Extreme
  • Upgrades for better performance in Highway Rider Extreme
  • Racing game for bike enthusiasts in Highway Rider Extreme
  • 3D racing on open roads in Highway Rider Extreme
  • Cool 3D graphics with realistic effects in Highway Rider Extreme
  • First-person view of the biker in Highway Rider Extreme
  • Buyable bikes and upgrades in Highway Rider Extreme
  • Lots of tracks to be played in Highway Rider Extreme
  • It is the best game for smarts phone and tablets
  • It’s very easy to play and easy to downlod

Platforms for Highway Rider Extreme

This game is a web browser game that can be played on desktop and works very well on mobile.

Developer of Highway Rider Extreme

Happy lander developed Highway Rider Extreme.

Download APK

Free Download Highway Rider Extreme for Android

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